Sunday, June 28, 2009

With a full season of racing planned out it is nice to have some time to rest and train in the middle of it. I took a week off after Big Bear and started in fresh last weekend on riding hard again. It took a few days for the motivation to return but now I have 9 mile firmly in my sights. I busted out some solid training days throughout the week, lots of long tempo work trying to lay some big watts down, to get ready for the pedal-fest that is 24 hours of Nine Mile. We will be in action next at Springfield, MO on the 12th for the next MWFTS event, and then the following weekend in Emporia, KS for their innagural XC race, then leaving for Nine Mile Forest in Wausaw, WI. But before any of that we have my favorite holiday to go celebrate in Great Bend. July 4th in Great Bend, KS is the stuff and I can hardly wait to ride some of the trails and see stuff blow up.

Old school pic shredding the local river trails in Great Bend

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