Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What we Do

This blog has become my pensieve. After my memories get to big to hold I jot it all down here so I can go back and look and think, "Wow, I have so much fun." Tuesday night crits were more of the same last night. This weeks break was a little bigger. I think it started at 9 whittled down to 7, then 6 with a few laps to go. I put in some hard efforts towards the end hoping to knock out another 1 or 2 but to no avail. Hard attack on the last lap that I could not hang with. I was 5th on the line. Props to Tom for a well fought 3rd.
Amber and I took advantage of the dry trails this morning for a little romp at SMP. It was a beautiful morning and we had fun, and she made me laugh till I was crying. Here are a few pics of the fun

So the big news is Amber and I are off to new jobs. Bike Source has made us a wonderful offer and we are starting there next week. I am thrilled, it is the kind of opportunity I have been looking for. We are leaving great people and a great shop but I wouldn't be me if I did not take the chance to move forward. We all had drinks last night and celebrated our time together and the future. We all are going to keep turning the pedals over.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Uncle already

Rain all night at Perry. Isn't that just something. I went to bed not even thinking there was a chance of the race being cancelled. Of course I was just ignoring, and was my usual "what could go wrong" self. I needed the therapy of a hard effort so after an entertaining morning of watching the hallarious scene in the Waffle House down the street from us I got on my bike and put in some much needed Dirty Kanza miles. I try mixing up the routes I ride but certain spots are just black holes that I always seem to find myself passing through. Normal route into the plaza via 67th-Mission, then I made my way South. I was searching for where the ICT pops out in the East. Viola- 99th and Holmes- I tootled around in that neighborhood for awhile wondering if I should head to Blue River Pkwy or take the ICT. Indian Creek was settled on and I rode a long freaking ways along that trail. 151st to be exact. I could have gone further in multiple directions, unreal how much paved trail there is. I spun around and rode back to 127th where I knew I could head West young man to the Millcreek trail. I rode the entire trail to the North, doing intervals between the throngs of Sunday strollers out on the trail. I kind of like all the traffic-dogs, kids, squeaking bikes, everyone out having fun. I was spit out on Holiday Drive and made my way backwards of the Scooters ride. South on Nieman-big rollers- Swung by and said Hi to Amber at the shop. Normal commute home. Leftovers were consumed in mass. Bad day turned Good. Thank you bicycle.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rain or Shine

The heartland boys are saying rain or shine. I perfer shine but can swing anything.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the ole 1 2

Good night of racing in the KC scene. The conditions were idyllic. I was giddy rolling away from the shop feeling that spring in your soul. I knew I wanted to go hard, from the start I stayed up front and chased every break but never punched it off the front. Then Tom came flying around me with Schmaltz on his wheel, they looked like they were having fun so I tagged on and decided this combo was worth putting in some effort. Tom pulled through a couple of times and nearly dropped me going up the hill. We kept it rocking and unfortunately Tom fell off the pace and Joe and I were left. We got into a nice rhythm while the field was antsy eyeing Shadd. Yup, all of a sudden there is the stripes bobbing up and down, storming up the road towards us. Shadd left the field and was bridging the gap. Joe and I eased up a bit, and waited to drop the hammer as soon as he made contact. That was pretty much all she wrote. We started rotating and soon were looking up the road at the back of the main field. With 3 laps to go Shadd and Joe attacked me, I managed to get back on, then I sat up hoping to get some recovery before the inevitable. Yup Shadd goes again I kinda sorta hang on, but as soon as I get relatively on a wheel Joe threw down, I did not even respond, not that I really had a choice to make, I could not respond. I just bounced out of the saddle waiting for Shadd to go again, this time it was all over. I finish third. Go home.

Found this pic in the archives. 2nd place at 24 hours of Moab. Good company on the podium. To bad I had to ride all freaking night to get there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is it my birthday already?

I was looking for my birthday cake after the Crit. Steve Tilford, Brian Jenson, and Shadd Smith had already delivered the 27 spankings. I wanted to eat some cake and drink punch.

Geez I race stupid. On lap 1 or 2 I had Steve's wheel when he flitted the pedals on the downhill tailwind and shot into hysperspeed. I probably could have hung for awhile but as I saw him go I pretty much shy'd away from the opportunity to suffer that much. That was dumb. Because I suffered on the front of the peloton the whole time anyway. I have no delusions that I would have lasted the race, but I freaking should have at least tried. Oh well, certainly no loss of workout. On my way home I was climbing the hill by Mill Creek elementary and had plenty of time to enjoy the art work that children had put up in the windows. I contemplated serpenting into the parking lot of the school, but an old lady walking her dog on the sidewalk was already not impressed with my climbing. You know if old ladies aren't impressed you got nothing.

Amber took my out for my favorite (currently) meal. Memphis dry rub rib rack, and baked beans. That gives the legs enough to go MTB'ing this morning.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gear is Here

i love me some new cycling clothes. Now I just need that SS superfly and a weekend that doesn't rain. but i love me some new clothes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

KC cold tuesday crits

Tom was bummed when he learned he was getting hit with a law suit for mixing Trek Store clothing and a Lemond frame. Geez Tom if you weren't always at the front drilling it no one would have noticied.

Good to see Plummer in argyle with his new sub 15 lb. Felt. Those arm warmers do not even leave a red line on you when you are done racing. Coming in 09 you will just flex your elbow one way or another and the arm warmers will shift for you.

I was shivering on the start line, but the guy behind me in a balaclava with his jersey pulled over a wind breaker, and AmFib botties was not. Shadd was incognito celebrating the KU victory. This gal with the coffee had cornered Amber and tricked her into being a corner marshal.
Shadd, followed by myself, followed by Bill Marshall rounding corner four on an unsuccessfull getaway attempt. Later Shadd, David Heduk, and Myself would get away and make it stick. We lapped the feild just in time for Shadd to win a confusing group sprint . I think Tom was forth, chalk up the points Tom.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Alright I'll play

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Action Packed

It is amazing how fast a day off goes by. I have a few errands to run, something scheduled, get in a ride next thing I know I am crawling back in bed. I started off with some more paperwork for the pedicabs. That soaked up a good bit of the morning. Then I went and performed my duties cleaning the spinning bikes at Quivira, another couple of hours passed. I came home sent some emails, did my obligatory scanning of, and was off to the shop to clean my bike and get ready for the Tuesday crit. Before I knew it the crew was rolling away from the shop, Tom and I were dressed like it was the middle of winter, I felt pretty dumb when Jen Herrell joined us and she did not even have on arm warmers.

The crit went better this week. I made it into a four man break that worked together and distanced ourselves nicely. I was at the end of my rope most of the time, so that was good. I finished third, Shadd won easily, it is pretty cool being on his wheel on the backside of the course when he raps it up to like 30 mph. Road racing is pretty fun stuff, especially on a sweet bike.

Back home, go to bed.

Amber and I somewhere in Oklahoma, sometime in the past, Eating Mexican Food