Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the ole 1 2

Good night of racing in the KC scene. The conditions were idyllic. I was giddy rolling away from the shop feeling that spring in your soul. I knew I wanted to go hard, from the start I stayed up front and chased every break but never punched it off the front. Then Tom came flying around me with Schmaltz on his wheel, they looked like they were having fun so I tagged on and decided this combo was worth putting in some effort. Tom pulled through a couple of times and nearly dropped me going up the hill. We kept it rocking and unfortunately Tom fell off the pace and Joe and I were left. We got into a nice rhythm while the field was antsy eyeing Shadd. Yup, all of a sudden there is the stripes bobbing up and down, storming up the road towards us. Shadd left the field and was bridging the gap. Joe and I eased up a bit, and waited to drop the hammer as soon as he made contact. That was pretty much all she wrote. We started rotating and soon were looking up the road at the back of the main field. With 3 laps to go Shadd and Joe attacked me, I managed to get back on, then I sat up hoping to get some recovery before the inevitable. Yup Shadd goes again I kinda sorta hang on, but as soon as I get relatively on a wheel Joe threw down, I did not even respond, not that I really had a choice to make, I could not respond. I just bounced out of the saddle waiting for Shadd to go again, this time it was all over. I finish third. Go home.

Found this pic in the archives. 2nd place at 24 hours of Moab. Good company on the podium. To bad I had to ride all freaking night to get there.


AdiosVato said...

Cam, holy crap, you ARE a battle axe. Wasn't that awesome! Way to ride. -Shadd Smith.

Cameron C. said...

Thanks dude, that is some fun stuff

Squirrel said...

Cam you ever race Sylamo? Heading there next weekend.


Cameron C. said...

No I never have. My dad's race is that same weekend always. Tear it up.