Wednesday, April 9, 2008

KC cold tuesday crits

Tom was bummed when he learned he was getting hit with a law suit for mixing Trek Store clothing and a Lemond frame. Geez Tom if you weren't always at the front drilling it no one would have noticied.

Good to see Plummer in argyle with his new sub 15 lb. Felt. Those arm warmers do not even leave a red line on you when you are done racing. Coming in 09 you will just flex your elbow one way or another and the arm warmers will shift for you.

I was shivering on the start line, but the guy behind me in a balaclava with his jersey pulled over a wind breaker, and AmFib botties was not. Shadd was incognito celebrating the KU victory. This gal with the coffee had cornered Amber and tricked her into being a corner marshal.
Shadd, followed by myself, followed by Bill Marshall rounding corner four on an unsuccessfull getaway attempt. Later Shadd, David Heduk, and Myself would get away and make it stick. We lapped the feild just in time for Shadd to win a confusing group sprint . I think Tom was forth, chalk up the points Tom.

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