Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Action Packed

It is amazing how fast a day off goes by. I have a few errands to run, something scheduled, get in a ride next thing I know I am crawling back in bed. I started off with some more paperwork for the pedicabs. That soaked up a good bit of the morning. Then I went and performed my duties cleaning the spinning bikes at Quivira, another couple of hours passed. I came home sent some emails, did my obligatory scanning of, and was off to the shop to clean my bike and get ready for the Tuesday crit. Before I knew it the crew was rolling away from the shop, Tom and I were dressed like it was the middle of winter, I felt pretty dumb when Jen Herrell joined us and she did not even have on arm warmers.

The crit went better this week. I made it into a four man break that worked together and distanced ourselves nicely. I was at the end of my rope most of the time, so that was good. I finished third, Shadd won easily, it is pretty cool being on his wheel on the backside of the course when he raps it up to like 30 mph. Road racing is pretty fun stuff, especially on a sweet bike.

Back home, go to bed.

Amber and I somewhere in Oklahoma, sometime in the past, Eating Mexican Food


Lis Heal said...

Just so you know, Jen came into the shop in the middle of the afternoon yesterday (When it was still like 50 or 60 degrees) and bought toe warmers for last night. She had secret warmth hiding in her shoes :)

devin said...

so you are going to be rocking the ss superfly. Sweet stuff..a Madone tread and sliding drops. you are going to go fast.

Jason said...

nothing like Mexican food with the one you love.

LeLan Dains said...

Hey Cam, Myself, Bobby, and his wife Crystal might need a place to crash on the 12th before Crowder. Think you'd have some floor space for us? If not, that's fine too.

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

Sorry, You've been tagged. Refer to my blog post "tagged" for details.