Sunday, April 27, 2008

Uncle already

Rain all night at Perry. Isn't that just something. I went to bed not even thinking there was a chance of the race being cancelled. Of course I was just ignoring, and was my usual "what could go wrong" self. I needed the therapy of a hard effort so after an entertaining morning of watching the hallarious scene in the Waffle House down the street from us I got on my bike and put in some much needed Dirty Kanza miles. I try mixing up the routes I ride but certain spots are just black holes that I always seem to find myself passing through. Normal route into the plaza via 67th-Mission, then I made my way South. I was searching for where the ICT pops out in the East. Viola- 99th and Holmes- I tootled around in that neighborhood for awhile wondering if I should head to Blue River Pkwy or take the ICT. Indian Creek was settled on and I rode a long freaking ways along that trail. 151st to be exact. I could have gone further in multiple directions, unreal how much paved trail there is. I spun around and rode back to 127th where I knew I could head West young man to the Millcreek trail. I rode the entire trail to the North, doing intervals between the throngs of Sunday strollers out on the trail. I kind of like all the traffic-dogs, kids, squeaking bikes, everyone out having fun. I was spit out on Holiday Drive and made my way backwards of the Scooters ride. South on Nieman-big rollers- Swung by and said Hi to Amber at the shop. Normal commute home. Leftovers were consumed in mass. Bad day turned Good. Thank you bicycle.

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KEV said...

Are you racing Swanson Saturday? Any others from KC? Maybe we might have better luck getting a race in.
Hope to see you and some others make the trip.