Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Cross more floundering around

Sunday was the kickoff Destad Series race, which was held in Sar Ko Par park in Lenexa. This Sunday was also the launch of Ethos Racing. After months of plotting and planning we had sponsors and jerseys and were ready to go. Ethos had five riders at the race, and it was cool to see the beginning of our team taking shape.
My race was not that fun for me. I had an even worse than usual start, I took forever getting around people, I worked my way up to 9th, and then I came unhinged, I just sat down in the shade. I was pretty frustrated but that is just what you get.
Travis rode his first cross race and finished 4th in the Cat 4 and then 11th in the Cat 3/4. JP Shores flew the Ethos banner to good finishes in the Masters and 3/4 race.

On the up side for me I did get a great week of training in for Moab and one final good push through this week and then chill a bit up to the race. There will be more cross attempts this coming weekend, a twofer at English Landing in Parkville. Try try again

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