Monday, November 2, 2009

Slow to Respond

I know I have been bad with the new posts lately. I don't like it a bit, but something has to give at times, and it certainly is not going to be riding. The weekend was good. I raced on my Fixed gear Podium MTB Saturday at the Awesome Boss Cross race. I charged to a win in the SS class and held on for 6th in the open. I had my first Stumpjumper ride Sunday. Oh Oh oH yeah, good stuff. I just finished a post on it for the All New Stumpjumper Trail Crew Site, but it is not quite up yet because all of us riders seem to be pretty horrible at getting all the required "stuff" (internet language for important steps) done. I think I just read an email that one of the riders had hijacked the flickr site accidentaly, and it had to be "re done" (internet language for someone with skills to do some stuff).

Come out tomorrow night. Cross in the dark, there is lights in the park so do not hesitate because life is...too short


Joe Fox said...

Cam nice work Saturday. You won 25$ for 6th place. I can bring you a check to the topeka race or you can race for free at the next boss cross on Dec 5.

Cameron C. said...

Will race for Free. Thanks dude

Rasta Rider said...

Hey Mr. Cam: you got any detailed infor for coronado's challange? I can;t find it anywhere, other than 21-22 of november. e-mail me if you can:

thanks brother. and way to tear up the fixie 29r :)