Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get on my spaceship and hover

Something has to happen with this blog. At the moment I am not sure what. But I finally got a Internet connection that does not constantly disconnect itself, which took me filling up my lifetime quota of being on hold with comcast, so now I can give it some much needed attention.

I think everyone here knows that I live in Colorado Springs now, and work in the sales/marketing dept for Carmichael Training Systems. I have been absolutely loving my job and the needless to say I have been riding unprecedented amounts. My Stumpjumper has seen more feet of up and down than most bikes do in a lifetime. I have still been riding it as a singlespeed, much to the amusement of my new riding companions.

As well I have still been riding my Podium Fixed gear loads. Even full on deep into the Mountain rides, and I still find it as hilariously fun as ever. Living close to my Uncle Chris up in Denver is allowing us to ride with each other weekly and plot the course of Steel Podium Cycles for the future.

All in all Life is Good, Real Good. I am going to be able to start getting more pictures and posts up on the SJ site, so stay tuned there, and soon I will figure out the future of this blog, and as I like to say to my friends, Get on my space ship and hover.