Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grote Pris CX 08

Well that was a fun way to get things cracking. Mud, mud and more mud were the conditions at Herman Laird Park. Amber and I got there a couple hours early to scope it out and see all our friends race. Shop mates Alan Sykes, Lis Heal, and JJ Montana were toeing the line in their respective races. Alan did an extra lap for good measure, Lis crushed it, bridging up to to Jenn at one point, but fell back after chain suck sucked. I was out warming up when JJ finished but last I saw she was in a real close race with four other girls. Props to her for steppin up out of the Juniors to race with the big girls. I mean the older girls.

I had a spotty warm up, mostly chatting with folks and enjoying 60 degree weather. Bill and Shadd were going rounds in the masters race, so I cruised around watching the lines they were riding and thinking how tired they were going to be in race #2. Bill still took the whole shot and drug us up the road for the 1st lap. He shut me down the 1st time I tried to go around him but I got around when we hit an open grassy section. I punched it pretty hard knowing that Shadd was tired from one race already and the peanut butter mud was going to get any easier. I opened a gap in the 1st lap and then tried to stay consistent. The time gaps were growing steadily, but the mud was taking its toll on the bike. I stopped shifting into a higher gear because I could not get it to climb back up. I hung on and chalked up a big W for the 1st race of 08. Pretty sweet day all in all. Classic cross conditions, cheering wild fans, and Boulevard was a sponsor to help celebrate. No racing for a bit so we will keep you posted on the fun we make on our own. Thanks Amber for the pics, video, and pit bike placement.


Podium CC said...

Hey Dude, How is that Podium X frame working for you? I hope you will be receiving a geared 29er within 3 weeks to use in the upcoming season. Call me to confirm size, geometry and braze-on needs. Later ERON, Great job
Fonder and CEO Podium Cycles,
Chris Chambers

One Eyed z said...

Nice Job at the race yesterday!
I didn't make it out to race because I over slept and was too lazy to pedal out and watch. Spend the day cruising around on my new rig.
Cheers for 2008 being better than 2007.
Welcome to blog world!

LeLan Dains said...

Congrats good sir! It seems we had the same idea for the '08 season. My blog address is
We need to get this Camp Alexander cross race that I've been hearing about up and going.

Mark Studnicki said...

Thanks again for fixing those BB shell treads for me, works perfectly now. I still hate riding on the road though, but using my single-ring cross bike in road events gets old quick. You can check out my website at and if you and the your lady friend ever need a vacation, my side project is Ciao

Anonymous said...

dude. are those socks Gary Fisher team issue?
when we get our Slimen und Grossen socks we'll hook you up with a sweet ass pair!