Thursday, January 17, 2008

UGTT Minor Park

Here is the scoop. It looks like the trails are going to be frozen enough to go ahead with the plans for a singletrack time trial at Minor Park on Sunday morning. Plan on meeting at the strip mall parking on the East side of Holmes just before Blue Ridge blvd (if that doesn't make sense refer to at 8:45. At 9:00 we will all roll out and ride 1 lap of the TT loop which I believe it is around 3 miles. Unless I rope someone down to time it will go like this, I will take off first with the master time, you will be ordered in take off positions behind me to leave in 30 second intervals. When you finish I will read off the time and you will have to subtract 30 seconds if you were 2nd person out, 1 minute if you were 3rd position, and so on. If you pass me on the course your disqualified, or you have to keep track how far you beat me in by and subtract the appropriate amount. It is like bike racing and 2nd grade math all rolled up into one. Of course you can bring a stop watch and just time yourself, which would probably be best. I hope we can do a couple of hot laps but we will just have to judge the trail conditions and make sure we aren't hurting anything. There are no prizes, no classes, no entry fee, and a series champion will not be crowned. This is just another way to have fun on our bikes. Remember that the Mexican Bar on the corner sells breakfast burritos on Sunday mornings. Any questions you can call me at the Trek Store, I work both Friday and Saturday. 913 631-6800. See ya there.

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