Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Soggy Bottom

Mark Cole, Graham, and I took the long way to the tuesday nighter and rode through some refreshing rain showers. There is nothing better than being on your bike soaking wet and not giving a rip.
Shadd was on his rain bike, didn't get the chance to ask if it was to preserve the drivetrain or not wreck the race rig. Another thing that nothing is better than is people making the conscious decision, "I could hit the ground, better take this bike."
A small field was out, but I tried to keep it entertaining with a barrage of attacks. All of which got nowhere.
I attacked at the top of the hill with three to go. Got a little gap and held on for two laps. As the field caught me my lone teammate Dean Parker gave me a push in the back so I immediately tried again. Thanks DeanO.
Amber made it home from a week in Newport Beach, California. Good to have her home, and thanks for coming out and taking pictures.

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