Thursday, July 24, 2008


So the horrible news came from Craig Stoeltzing at work on Tuesday. He approached me with a long face and said, "bad news, Landahl is cancelled." Bummer, I was amped for the fixed gear rampage. I do not understand why this race could not get a foot hold, but I understand why Granny Gear pulled out, with not a single team registered.

5 of us had a steller ride at Blue River last night. It was good ol'fashioned MTB fun. Alot of laughing and talking crap, and wrecks, and cleaning sections that we should have wrecked on. We finished at about midnight and I was jazzed enough I did not fall asleep forever. Geez that is the stuff.

Joel and I are rolling south to the Flint Hills this weekend. Death Ride. I hope we live.

And last on the blogging agenda. I have been hearing much talk of Short Track racing in KC. What of it, lets make it happen. Any interested parties contact me and tell me what you want. My tentative idea is a 30 minute race around 7:00 p.m. out at Blue River. We could tag it on to Taco Tuesday or do a whole different night and place. If I do not hear back from anyone I will set a plan and we will race out the summer. If there is four of us cool, three of us we will race, two people it's mano y mano. Just me, I will go ride high line. Plan on next week.


Rich said...

I'm in. Where's the hook up?

Chris Locke said...

Sound great to me. May be we move the races around each week: Blue River, Landahl, River Trails, etc....

Tuesday or Thursday's work best for me.

Jeff Winkler said...

I'm interested, especially if we get a decent turnout. I don't know the Blue River trails, but I wouldn't have any problem getting there by 6pm or 7pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I suppose we should pick a place that will get the best turnout, Landahl, while convenient for me, would be a drive for everyone else (during rush hour too). Keep me posted!

josh taylor said...

does anyone have any experience with the bmx traks in the area? i think their are 2. i just got back from portland oregon wher i raced in their summer short trak series last monday nite. absolutely one of the most awesome days of asskicking i have ever had. raced on part of a motocx/bmx course and part cyclocx course. same area/park that had hosted the u.s. cyclocx champs in portland in 03' and 04'. i was completely blown away by how professional a monday nite weekly event was run and the facility that they put the race on. portland international raceway. check out the website for it. its got actual video footage from past races from cameramen actually racing and from footage outside of the ropes. check out this site and all of the video footage. its awesome.

sure, its just a pipe dream....but man it was a cool place to race!


Jeff Winkler said...

Have you seen this:

Joe Fox said...

We are going to hold the short track series at Tiffany Springs Park. Nothing was totally official until this past week, but we have all the logistics worked out.
It will be the next four thursdays (8/7-8/28) at tiffany springs park.
Hope to see you there.

TeamSeagal said...

That was definitely crappy news to hear that Granny Gear pulled out! I don't blame them though with no one having signed up yet We were planning on sending a squad over for a 3rd try at winning the single/rigid category!

Short track rocks, btw.

-C. Ryback