Friday, August 8, 2008

The other Tiffany Springs Park

Well yesterday sucked royaly. After a morning at the DMV I was looking forward to clearing my head at the first Short Track race. I left work in plenty of time to wade through the rush hour and ride awhile before the race. As is par for course I left with only glancing at the directions, I was looking for an exit that did not exist and when I reached the 129-435 Junction North of the Airport I knew I went to far. I called a local shop and that sent me further spiraling into the Northland Maze and wandered around on Tiffany Springs Parkway for awhile. My cell phone died, as is par for course, disconnecting me from any competent help, and leaving only gas station clerks (one man pointed the direction he would not have to rotate his hips to point to and said, "that way"). It should figure Tiffany Springs Parkway leads to Tiffany Springs Park but it only leads to Dead Ends and road closures. I found Tiffany Springs Park and Sports Complex at about ten minutes before the race was scheduled to take off. Pulled into the parking lot looking for the familiar glow of Primal Wear Jersey's that always signifies this is where the Dirt Race is at, No glow. I attempted to circle the park looking for another parking area. Clock is up, race started already and I determined there is another Tiffany Springs Park out there. When I got back home and took time to study the directions I realized my error, and the error of all the QuikTrip employees along the way. I guess this week was a rest week.

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Joe Fox said...

Sorry about the confusion. Hope to see you this thursday.