Sunday, August 10, 2008


The only race with Lazer Beams
Just finished up riding at Landahl, and the RIM course is primo. Apparently the Boys of Swope have been turning their attention to ribbonizing the Landahl trails. Jeff Winkler found me going backwards on the course and we rode together for a couple of laps. I was riding a 6 and 6 big rig, while he was pushing a svelte carbon mama, but we chatted and had a good time.

If you have not seen me lately on the trails you may have missed my new Yeti 575. Yeti Race colors and a nice XT kit, it is making for some serious smiling. My MTB stable is looking pretty sharp right now. Hopefully we continue to have dry trails.

Everyone come out for the festivities this coming Saturday, it is the last Heartland Race of the year, and should be a good time for all.

For a continued good blogging time hop over to Team Seagul's page. Apparently they will grace us with their presence at RIM.

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JB said...

Hey Cam--

Good luck this weekend!