Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cross #0-2

So far this season is not off to a flying start. Today was yet a new set of problems and frustrations. I felt great again warming up, and with the temps rising I knew that attrition was going to be the name of the game. I went ahead and bolted on a water bottle cage so I could carry some fluids for the hour long effort. The course was really fun. I was enjoying rolling laps even at a moderate pace. We lined up with Shadd relegated to the back for preriding the course during a race. I am not sure why he was the one picked out since everyone was, but hating on the fastest guy is a common theme in our world. He gave a friendly "sure" to the official and bolted through everyone about 20 yards into the race. I was not really to excited at the start just hoping to roll away and make a move up into the money spots 15 minutes in or so. Unfortunately that would not be the case, in the first minute of the race Tom Price's front wheel lost traction and he slid out and into me. I hit the ground pretty dang hard, cracked my der. hanger and bent my rear wheel. I tossed my bike Trebon style to make me feel a little better, and then attempted to bend things straight enough to ride. I made it eventually around to the pits with my bike unrideable and all in a huff and asked if I could have anyone's bike. Rich Anderson of Cow Town Cycling, was very kind and handed me up his singlespeed and I took off. I was happy to be riding and would have gladly ridden the whole race on that bike but Rich handed me up his A bike, a sweet Ridley Carbon rig that rode amazingly well. Shouldering a 16 lb bike is alot easier than a 20 lb one. Looking back on it that is so kind of him to let me ride his bikes, even more so because his race was the next one after mine. I think it shows why there was over 200 hundred racers out today, it is a great scene with great people. I rode well, I could tell by watching where I was meeting the leaders around the course that I would have been very competitive. I caught four people and was happy to get in the hour workout. No dice this week.

If anyone out there is headed to Omaha on Sunday only contact me.