Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A picture is worth a thousands words huh. Well not if the camera is in my hands, then it is going to take a thousand words for you to figure out what you are looking at.
The Start of the 3/4 Race. Young Graham Aldredge powering my Goldy from last year. I told him earlier in the week, "this bike only goes off the front." He made good destroying the strong field on the won speed.

This was a cool Lockian addition to the course. Two quick down and ups across a small ridge that felt neat once you got in the rhythm. The other Lockian addition was subtracted by the people that can do such things. There was set to be a ramp boosting you over a barrier if you choose to shoot off. Even though it was painfully simple someone would have got brilliant and wrecked their eyeballs out. It was set to be a classic, oh well.The rest of the 3/4 field rolling by. There is a High Gear factory team rider in there. Garret Seacat was on his way to upsetting the pack from his back row starting position until a flat tire saved the lives of all those he was about to pass. But apparently their sponsor is throwing down for new DuraAce Tubeless wheels and Hutchinson tires (Bulldog up front-Piranha in the back) for the whole team to guarantee their name appears in lights when the Ace Squad makes it to the start line.

More awesome camera work. Josh Taylor of our 360 team got the hole shot.
Josh Talyor in a nice silhouette shot. I will take $350.00 for it
Graham leaving no doubt on the last lap.
Cross racing makes my body feel old. Things always hurt way more than I think they should. I ride all the time, hard alot, and I have been doing that for a long time. One hour of head banging racing and I am moaning and groaning for days.


JB said...

Thanks for cheering back in the sticks. Next post race Chipotle on me bro! Keep chuggin!

cploch said...

are you guys really comming to the burning 12 hour?

Cameron C. said...

Nice Justin sounds like a plan.

Yes we are really coming to burning. I can't wait, I have never ridden there and I have only heard awesome things.

cploch said...

you will not be disapointed