Monday, October 20, 2008

Bully Cross

The race report for me looks exactly like Saturday's. I moved into third and got a gap but I could not hold on as Bill Stolte pounded me down. The weekend was a great fitness builder and I just need about ten minutes more and I will be racing real well.Jenson strings us out early in the start of Sunday's Boulevard Cup race held at the sight of last years nationals. The weather was better than last time I visited.
Jenson, Stolte, Joe, Chris Wallace and Shadd at the first barrier section

Tom and I hit the barriers and avoid each other. Stolte tracking me down. I thought I was going to hang on for a minute. Stolte says No.Jenson was attacking hard and early, but Joe is the man of the day and he is only eighteen. Awesome.
Joe went off the front later in the race and did not look back. Well put young man.
Hitting the barriers and a nice reasonable pace to keep my groin muscles intact. Notice NRC points Champion Kelly Benjamin cheering us on in the back ground. Always good to have the fastest female road racer in the country out drinking beers and cheering.

Easy does it

Shadd Shriner moving out through the tall barriers. Shadd persevered for solid races Saturday and Sunday.
Early in the race Jenson is leading the charge

This was a fun U-turn that went into a ripping little piece of ditch trail. You could feel your tires breaking free and sliding downhill. Volker Cycles store owner Britton Cusiak attacked here in the 3/4 race but the only one to pay was him slamming the ground, as we were laughing about it after the race all he had to say was, "That hurt."
A couple of corners later and the pain would stop. Immediately I think that was fun, I can't wait till next week. That is just messed up.

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