Saturday, October 18, 2008

Capital Cross

Day one of my first two-fer weekend of the year. With the way things have been going the last few weeks of racing I have to admit I was not to excited this week about the race today. I thought about bailing and trail working out at Swope instead but my racer boy attitude kicked in yesterday and I started getting stoked.

Amber's parents were in town celebrating her birthday with us. We did what I do best and ate BBQ last night. Then we went and did some sight seeing around KC. Here they are this morning before we all headed to the race.
The day could not have been more wonderful. Blue skies and perfect temperature were sure to translate into spirited racing. The course was long and hard due to the soft ground that sapped your strength, and the "mound of mercy" kicked you while you were down. Here Aaron Elwell tops out on the mound.
My racing has been the same all my life, it does not matter what kind of race I start horribly slow. Go like an go like an All American for the middle portion of the event, and finish with a nice cool down at the end, actually I am going insanely hard it just looks like a nice cool down to all those spectating. This biological phenomena did lend itself to some success in 24 hour racing because that middle portion was fairly substantial. On par for course I believe I was the last person to hit the first barrier today and did not start moving up until well into the lap. Luckily there was lots of passing room and the field was not to big. It took a few laps but I made it up to the leaders except for Brian Jenson dangling off the front. My bike is suffering from a long list of ailments with 10 speed topping it off, but without going into to much of detail I was reduced to a very select few gears that were not always conducive to rapid progress. I was charging trying to reel in Jenson. Bill Stolte was on my wheel and we had pulled in Joe Schmaltz who was now holding strong on the back. With three to go Bill and I traded attacks, I caught a bit of fresh legs and surged away and in the process made the most cut into Jenson since the start line. Had the race ended on the bell lap I would have took second by about ten seconds, but alas the dreaded last lap when everyone but me all of a sudden seems to come to life. I was pushing for all I had but it wasn't enough as Joe blew past me like I was a lapped rider, and soon enough Bill followed. Well at least I rode the money train out for fourth place and final pay out position. Good enough for a Qudoba Burrito and a Good time.
Me followed by Bill followed by Joe followed by I pop like the fourth of July

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