Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have not had much happening the last few weeks outside of the normal. Work has been steady and my new role as a fitter has been a fresh new addition to my days. It is fun working closer with customers to see what we can figure out to take their cycling to the next level. I am always inspired by people when I am doing our pre fit assessment and we are talking about their goals and what they want out of their bike, and to hear their aspirations and drive to get better. When bikes make us better humans I get all soft inside.

After this weekend the racing will start to pick back up for me. My next few weeks should be a steady flow of racing. I am going to participate in all 3 of the off-road duathlon's coming up, since I have ran 3 times now I figure I should be golden. And certainly I will be at the 3/6 that is on the horizon, plus maybe mix in road races on the other weeks. I am registered and set to go for the Ouachita Challenge 80 miler slightly further into spring, and would like to get into Missouri for some XC races to help tone up for the 24 hour onslaught.

After vowing at the beginning of the year that I would not ride a trainer this winter, I failed miserably and jumped on the hamster wheel just as many hours as in the past. I get outside a lot by some peoples standard but as winter wears on and the collective weather pattern takes a toll on the singletrack I start to get less creative about riding outside and instead turn to measly indoor pedaling. Unlike riding outside I do not enjoy, in the traditional sense of the word, riding on a trainer while it is under way, yet I am always happy in the end and my day subsequently goes smoother while the laundry pile does not multiply as fast. I will be able to fold it away again here in a month or two but for now that is just how I am going to roll, nowhere.

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