Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eyes to the Future

Moab, Utah-October 10th and 11th- 24 hour National Championships

Distance: 14.91 Miles Climbing Dist: 7.85 mi. Climb Elevation: 1,360 ft.

Part of the beauty of life as a bike racer is by nature we do not dwell on things long. It is always on to the next thing, something in our head to keep us excited and motivated. That is the part of it all I am the most addicted to, the excitment and motivation. Always the thought...This is the one we want.


Sandblogger said...

I'll be there waiting for a supreme butt-kicking. My forward focus is getting out of control, as my mind keeps getting stuck 2 events ahead...not real good for preperation!

Zoolander said...

Ahhhh, behind the rocks. Sand, life sucking, soul sucking sand. Beautiful terrain and railing sandstone. A highlight from Moab last year was finishing this trail at dusk, empty PBRs glistening in the red desert as the sun set on the perfect start to an epic weekend.

Good luck.