Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spin Pizza Plaza Ride


Rasta Rider said...

when/where does this ride take off from...it literally goes right by my apt.

Cameron C. said...

Meet at 6:15 leave at 6:30 from 50th and Main Spin Pizza. A nice parade through the heart of KC

Rasta Rider said...

sweetness...i'll be able to hit this right when I get out of class wednesday evenings, thanks bro.

LeLan Dains said...

Hey Cam,
thought I would clue in to the video I posted on my blog from the Camp Alexander race. Check it out and I'll be seeing ya this weekend for some good times!

Joggeli said...

Cameron, Hope you made it back OK after last Wednesday's ride. Saw you suddenly stop by Loose park and didn't see you again after. We briefly met at the inaugural ride a few weeks a go. I ride the Orbea.

My buddy and I love the Wednesday ride, especially since it hits a segment no other ride features in this area, not as slow as Brookside ride but not as fast as Blue Moose.

Scott (fellow Wednesday rider) and I got a good training ride in, averaging 14 - 15 mph last wednesday (after you had your mechanical). Others seemed to really enjoy the faster pace. We got some good feedback over some beers at Spin upon our return. Wonder if we can keep it a bit more challenging for the riders who want to get something out of the ride.

One point of contention with some riders was the frequent changing of the route. The first course seemed great, going through Westport and Plaza. We then saw some changes which required more stops, hindering the flow.

Scott's really familiar with the area and roads and would have some great insight into what variations of your route could server the group (keep it moving along while retaining safety).

Thanks for taking this ride on and hope we see continued popularity. Feel free to get back to me via dave@revecreation.com. I'd love to help make this a fantastic ride for all.

cheers and thanks for adding an outlet to KC's cycling community,