Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tucson Bound

Steve wondering which trail leads to Spring

My bags are packed, lights charged, fresh Bontrager Dry X tires mounted up. I am so ready to get to the desert. Steve and I froze for 2 hours outside yesterday. We were rewarded with some pretty sweet sections of frozen singletrack, but I thought I might have to take him to the ER to have his toes reapplied. It was cold. This morning I rode the short bit to the shop, 15 minutes into the wind and I had an ice cream headache the whole time. It was cold. I checked the forecast for the weekend in Tucson, Sunshine and upper 70's. It will not be cold.

It is a funny familiar feeling doing all the necessary arrangements for a 24 hour race. I Have not done it for awhile, but I still have the dance down. This time no all night pulls for me, bust a lap and kick it by the fire. 24 hour racing might be on a touch of a downward slide from the past years, but I look for team racing to grow and make the niche spike higher than ever. It is just to much dang fun.

I will have a full report and plenty of pictures when I return.

Tinker descending a rock bit at last years race


LeLan Dains said...

I'm tired of all you guys migrating to warmer weather. Be sure to think of us back here freezing in Kansas.

Cornbread said...

Have fun dude! That place looks sweet.

Aaron said...

I just saw a chance of snow/rain for saturday in tuscon. Better pack more than a tank top. pedal fast.

steve heal said...

It looks more like I'm trying to find Lamar's Donuts on that map!!

Lis Heal said...

hahaha...yes it does steve. mmm...lamars.