Sunday, February 24, 2008

Endura Camps 2008

A couple of months ago Ben Shloegel, a top professional Ironman triathlete, asked me if I would help out with a winter camp that he puts on along with Ken Welsh and Patrick Beesley. Being into anything that induces pain I agreed immediately. The format of the camp is designed so that people in KC do not have to take off work and can still get a full intense week of training. The first session I participated in was Wed. night, when we set up a cyclocross style course in Brookside park that involved running up suicide hill. It was only around 10 degrees yet everyone completed the 1 hour work out. After my first session I realized this was not your average bunch of folks.

The second session I attended was a urban running race in downtown KC. It was a four mile loop that had alot of elevation change, up and down the WWI memorial steps, up and down parking garages (as seen above), and finally at the end of the second loop when you thought you were done you were informed that the finish line was up to the top of the ten story building you were in. Ben was loving every second of the suffer fest, but you have got to give the guy props for running up the flights of stairs with every single group that finished, barking encouragement.

The final day was a dualathalon at Leawood park. A few of us arrived several hours early to clear trail and mark the course. As we were staking flags and painting the ground I felt I was back home in Great Bend setting up another renegade event. I am glad these guys operate like me, just go do it. By the time the race started at 1:30 the morning freeze had become afternoon slop and we were set for a real good time. Below is a picture of my long time friend, going back to GBXC days, Josh Pool and I leading out everyone in the first run. Don't ask me why we look like a couple of Wallys running in the picture. I guess the ground is slick or something.

Josh and I stayed away from the chasers during the bike portion, and we managed to hit the bonus trail and bring back trash to prove it. Below I am displaying the remnants of a high school party in the woods.
The final run was two miles out and back on the Indian creek trail. Josh and I stayed together and pushed the pace. When we neared the finish line Josh smelling the Chili and Beer out sprinted me to the line, and I was able to maintain my perfect record of never winning a running sprint at the end of a race. Way to go Cameron.
Endura Camps offers an amazing opportunity to take your fitness to another level no matter what your sport is. These winter sessions are only going to get better, and perhaps see another one added to the schedule. There are 3 intensive camps later in the year. One in KC, one in Omaha, and one in StL. Treat yourself to one of these sessions and you will become a better ahtlete and havea better idea how to train throughout the season to achieve your goals. Check out for all the information.
Heartland Race #1 next weekend. Everyone ready to get sloppy?


Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

I wish I would have known about this. Next time you should post it on the Trail running group site(Yahoo). Looks like a good time.

Cameron C. said...

Yeah you are right, Afterwards I realized how much more I should have promoted this. In the future I will let people know what is up.

Volker Bicycles of KC said...

Hey! This is Britton Kusiak. How are you doing Cameron?

I'd really like to talk so if you can call me at 816-756-5510 I'd really appreciate it.


Mark K said...


Are you going to be helping on the Endura Camp in Omaha?