Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wet Earth

No race this weekend at Landahl. That is such a bummer, but I did not see how we could have raced, the ground is totally saturated. But this weekend still holds some promising fun. There are Swope Park workdays on the new trails that are being developed, both Saturday and Sunday. Check out for the info and to stay up on the happenings. I rode my bike to Swope for the first time a couple of days ago and was blown away at how beautiful the park was. I was already excited about the new trails, but after spending some time in the park I was giddy. It took me right at an hour to casually ride my singlespeed to Swope. And you pass a million good coffee shops and restaurants in route. So I better get out there and pitch in on the work and help make this happen. It feels good to be excited.

Looking out over the badlands in North Dakota towards the Maa Daa Hey trail.


Aaron said...

lawton this weekend?? its supposed to be warm.

Cameron C. said...

I got insanely sick yesterday and do not think I will be racing at all this weekend. 0 for 2

mike burke said...

Hey Cam! Sorry that you could not make it to Lawton! I hope that you are better now. Wow did I learn sumpin. I think that I need some of them spin classes!! More on that some other day. Say hey to Amber and see you soon. Take care and ride safe.
Until next time.