Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Down and Out

Oh Dear God. I have not been sick like this for...well nothing comes to mind. I felt it coming on Sunday and Monday but just chalked it up to a ton of training and winter blues. Then after a unsuccessful ride with scooter on Tuesday morning I came home and looked for a place to curl up and die. I could not open my eyes and was randomly moaning. Amber came home from work early and babied me around. I hit the night time thera-flu and was able to sleep but kept waking up totally drenched in sweat. Today is better, things hurt and I came home from work after a morning meeting. I have put racing this weekend out of my mind. I am disappointed but honestly hurt to bad to care much.

After posting a picture of the Maa Daa Hey trail on my last post I received a very nice email from Wade Westin who is the marketing director for Medora, ND (the home base for the epic trail) He told me that the trail is extending another 50 miles to make it around 150 miles of continuous singletrack. If you have the chance go ride this trail, it is stunning. Wade also asked me to post the dates of a couple of events that they hold in the area. The Bully Run is on May 31st and the Badlands Trail Run is on September 6th. Maybe just enough incentive to get you there.

My second Rainbow picture. Apparently the double is pretty rare, and the arched bridge is making a triple, rarer yet.


Palmetto Solo said...

Get well soon man. It seem like everyone is coming down with something.


KEV said...

Sounds like there racing rain or shine this Sunday at Clinton. Please post something Friday or Saturday if you hear anything on trail conditions. I was going to have a van full heading down to race. Shim, Jarret, and a couple other guys were planning on racing.

Get well soon, it sucks to train all winter and be sick for your first local race. Did you get any Fisher bikes built up yet?

Cameron C. said...

They have a alternate course at Clinton that runs up into the XC ski trails. I did it once and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. So yeah the race is on.

Hey Toby it is good to hear from you, hope we run into eachother sometime.

Endurosnob said...

Feel better Champ.

Josh said...

Sounds like what I had a few weeks back - Influenza Type A.
Really nasty bug. Funny enough, this year's flu vaccine does not protect against it.

Rest up!

cploch said...

NyQuil capital N small y big Q, in the original green death flavor! I love that Q. Get well soon, brotha.


KEV said...

I see you started the race at Clinton. How muddy was it? Did you DNF because of being sick?