Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is still a 29er

I call my bike a 29er even when I have narrow tires on it, so I figure my Madone is a 29er as well. I got in three hours of riding and then went and did the Tuesday night crit on my day off. Sweet day of riding for sure, I rode into downtown and then flew down Main Street towards the Plaza with a big tailwind at my back keeping pace with traffic the whole way. Then I played around back in the neighborhoods looking for cool routes. I felt pretty good when the crit started but I hurt bad after a handful of hard efforts on the front and quickly dropped off the back. Oh well, I figure I will get a better workout punishing myself when I got the goods rather than sitting in. This morning I left our apartment with the sun coming up to get a little pedal play on the trails before a long day of work. Shawnee Mission Park was tacky and ripping fast. I rode for nearly 2 hours before working for nearly 12. Our Super Sale started at the shop today and we killed it all day long. It is so much fun when things are popping. Except for my legs popping in crits.


Palmetto Solo said...

Agree it's still a 29er. It's always good etiquette to show up to a weekly crit with some mud & dirt on that road unit. That will have them shaking in their spandex. A 12hr work day follow by a 2+ hour ride - Bad Ass!! So from now on it's Mr. B.A.

Mark Studnicki said...

Even though I've been on my road bike for the first 2 Tuesday night'ers, I am typically out there on my CX pit bike with a single 42 ring. I get a bit spun out on the DH back side of the course but, but everywhere else the 12 and 13 cogs get a nice workout. I don't throw road tires on either. I keep it real with full-size 30c Michelin Jet's.

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

You're nuts!