Monday, June 23, 2008

good goodness

The final XC race of the heartland series proved to be a classic Landahl event. Scott and Craig beat the elements with an amazing amount of trail work leading up to the race, rock armoring mud holes and bench cutting for better drainage, so we could all fly over it without a moments hesitation.

The expert field was nice sized with allot of STL speedsters making the trip. We had a 5-8 man singletrack train snaking around the course. Everyone took a go at the front, but not until the 3rd lap did anyone send waves. I was suffering through when Mesa Cycles David Breslin put on a turn of speed that only held Shadd Smith (missed his flight to Austin for US crit series, so he regrouped to come push dirt) with him. I drank and began to get my whits about me and moved up into 5th on the descent. The beginning of the 4th lap Aaron Elwell and I got in a grove and started picking people off. I was in 2nd with Aaron right on my wheel for the final plunge down Tasty Goodness. I began to catch glimpses of David in the trail but could not make up the gap. Aaron out sprinted me in the end. He finished 10 seconds down, I was 20 seconds, Chris Ploch, was just another short shake behind me. It is starting to get like WORS here, this is pretty cool. Everyone plan on coming out for the Midwest fat tire series race at Smithville in two weeks, hope to see you there.


Davey B said...

nice race man! that was a lot of fun... you guys came out of no where going down tasty on the last lap and had me on the rivet... i'm just glad it wasn't 5 laps!

cploch said...

That was the most fun I've had in a race all year! Way to fight your way back into the race.

Mark Studnicki said...

That was definately a drag race. An hour in and we were still packed together.