Wednesday, June 11, 2008


And you know what that means. I was selling a couple two Cruisers and explaining to them the joys of riding at 3 MPH when I realized young Graham was all geared up and ready to head to the crits. The couple settled on the same style townie as I have and I sprinted into my gear. No need to hurry though because we had a huge tailwind blowing us all the way to 95th and Lackman. Graham and I kept the same line of cars behind us for nearly 2 miles because we were going the speed limit.

A few laps in the pace started revving up, I was not in the mood to work real hard so I stayed a few wheels back, but Shadd was marking things closely having only one other teammate with him, so I stayed in the vicinity. The break took a while to sort itself out, for several laps I would look around and it was a whole new cast of characters every time, no one was committing hard until Joe S. put on a nice blitz that shattered the front. Shadd, Walt, and I got a small gap that we went to work on. From there on it was pure suffering. Walt pulled up the hill, Shadd down the hill, and I pulled through the wind on the backside. With 10 minutes to go Walt cracked. I had no more too offer so Shadd was pulling nearly the whole loop. On the last lap I did not even raise the pace when Shadd accelerated. I just stayed steady so that I could hold off the group who was coming hard. I wanted to throw up at the end.

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Last night I watched Hincapie hold of the peloton at the Dauphine to score a stage win. Brilliant riding. Every racer need to help charge up tired legs. Subscribe today.

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