Wednesday, June 25, 2008

round and round

A colorful crew was out on the streets for Tuesday nights round and round. A solid chunk of the Trek team was in attendance and Omaha MTB legend Kent McNeil. I had sore legs after Sunday's race but was happy how they were losening up on the ride over. I sat in a long time, even drifting to the back for awhile. Right now I have trouble just parking it in the top 1/3, I am either moving up or back. I cannot remember all the events but I do recall a break forming and chasing across the gap unable to close the door and looking for some help only to find Jay and other Trekies on the front working nicely for their man up the road. After a flurry of attacks I shot off and pulled Brad Sullivan, Scooter, Kent, and Jay with me. We opened a quick gap and I thought we might have the horsepower to run with it, we could not get comfortable and in a flow but we still stayed away for a handul of laps. A few laps after getting caught Kent powered away and I jumed hard onto his wheel, teammate Stephen Songer was on mine. I had a good feeling that we could make something interesting happen. As we came up the rise a semi was pulling out crepping along and we had to shut it down.(the second time it happened in the race) In the end it was a feild sprint I am not sure who won, I was back a good bit. That is some fun

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