Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joe Houston (the worlds fastest clydesdale who is actually a clydesdale and not some 6 foot 4 inch meathead) passed these pics along to me and I am paying it forward.
Shadd and the person behind Shadd taking a picture of the guy taking a picture of Shadd
Isn't it ironic.

Ryan Trebon, the fastest man in dirt on a weird road bike

Had I had the wheels this guy was racing on I would have been like 6 feet ahead of him at this point in the race
I really cannot even make jokes about this because Tilford is 96 years old and was in the top twenty. Rumors are he is leaving HRRC to race for AARP in 2009. The only holdup is the contract stipulation that if it below -17 degrees outside you have to wear knee warmers.

At this point in the race I apparently decided to sit up and just coast for a awhile


JB said...

you were ROXOR out there Cam...made the locals proud!

LeLan Dains said...

Hey, we wanted to catch you after the race, but as you probably know...it was freezing! Huge congrats though! We were screaming our heads off for ya.