Sunday, December 28, 2008

the right tool for the job once

No matter how good my intentions are I just cannot do two cross races a day. As of today I have given up ever thinking that I will race twice. At least I did make it out to the final Boss Cross race of the year (I missed the previous two due to other two wheel related debauchery) in Parkville along the mighty Missouri. 1:00 start time for the singlespeed race, that went off with the 3/4's, gave the ground plenty of time to de-thaw and become quite the mess. I really did not ride before the race but I could tell that I brought the right tool for the job. The fixed gear 29er was cutting a pretty nice line through the mud and not bogging down with only one disk brake up front. I won the bike race but I am not sure who won the foot race behind me. I had every attention of turning right around and doing the 1,2,3 race but just riding through the muck was tiring and my knees were oddly hurting real bad. So I threw in the towel and went to work where I was supposed to be to begin with.

Nearly every fixed gear ride I become a little more fascinated with all the fun that can be had. Me and a few other boys took advantage of the 60+ degree weather for a full on night time urban fixed gear freeride extravaganza. There was one man on this mission that sailed his rigid fixed gear of a drop that most people would want a downhill bike for. Ridiculous loads of fun.

Wednesday there is a cross race. Pretty cool, but I will only be participating in one event.


Mark Studnicki said...

You were looking smooth out there. I wish I would have raced earlier in the day. The course we ended up racing on would have been fun if we could have "ridden" more of it.

Josh said...

Running race is right! I ran as much as I rode.

As soon as I saw you roll up to the line with 2.2 Conti Mtn Kings I knew that was the right setup for the course.