Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cross out the last year

Pierson Park had a good festive feel to it when Amber and I arrived Wednesday afternoon. Everyone seemed to think a cold cross race was the best way to end 2008, and I had to agree. Apparently in Belgium they race cross everyday between Christmas and New Years. Here you can race three times in 7 days, that is probably good enough. The course was pretty cool, an uphill paved start, a couple of playground box crossings, and a log run up. Brad Cole (in town for the Holidays) took the hole shot. Shadd went around a minute in and I chased onto Shadd up the first climb. I sorta hung with him for the first two laps, then it was off the back and time to ride by myself. The course was fun though, so the remaining time went quick and I hung on for second place. Props go out to William Prann for stepping up and doing the big boy race, and Brad Cole for coming out to race during his vacation.

I did not make it to midnight but at least I am up early to go for a ride on the first day of 2009. Let's all ride more in 2009.

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TeamSeagal said...

Here's to riding more in 2009!

-C.F. Ryback