Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bike Racing

I have had a whirlwind week, and it seems like just a day ago I was here writing on the last race. On Monday morning I caught my flight to San Jose and arrived mid day in sunny California. I have to say California really is as good as all the people who live there say it is. Even when it was overcast and drizzling it was over 50 degrees. My classes were a blast and I felt like a learned a ton. One of my instructors was from Lincoln, Nebraska (so that seemed right on par for any of my cycling undertakings) and the other had an incredibly deep knowledge of bike fitting and has been in the game from the beginning. Actually he and Andy Pruit were on their way together to Majorca, Spain to do fits on the Saxo Bank team and get them all set on their new Tarmac's. I thought it was pretty cool he was teaching me before he went out to fit Fabian Cancalara and Jens Voight, two of my all time favorites.

The week flew past and before I knew it I was back at KCI on my way to a friends birthday party. Sunday morning dawned, and unfortunately my sister, who lives with Amber and I, ate something bad last night and was having a serious bout with food poisoning. After she blacked out in the hallway we decided it was time to visit the ER. So rushing from there Amber and I came home and she got ready to go to Bike Source and I got ready to go to the final cross race of the season. 42 degrees the bank read as I passed into Old Town Shawnee, not California, but I will take it. A little warm up and thanks to Tom Price I got some nourishment that had been neglected in the mornings hustle. A few more folks were on the line this week, I believe it was the biggest turnout since Nationals. At the start I thought I was clipped in and stood on it hard and about nutted myself rolling over my pedal, so I was the last one to the dirt. That proved fortunate when there was a tangle in the first corner, and even more fortunate when there was another around a bend just ahead. I think I was in second without even accelerating. Bill Marshal was trooping away in the lead and I was sitting on his wheel. Bill was charging real well, but Shadd and Chris Wallace (just home from his Euro national team leg one, he returns for Worlds coming soon) made there way up to us. Chris kept the pace rolling and went streaking away, Shadd chased on to his wheel and I was with Shadd. Wallace was just destroying the pedals and every time he could he was punching the pace with Shadd and I in serious difficulty. When a gap formed between Shadd and Chris I jumped across and was on Wallace for a brief and painful lap. He expelled me and I struggled for a lap or two to keep it together to fend of the racers behind. As I settled into my groove I was pleased with how I was riding, and in no way ready to call it a season, but that's what it is. 2008 Cross season is in the books and it was the stuff that lifetimes should be comprised of. On the upside I won the overall in the Series 60, which came as a nice surprise.

I will try and keep a few interesting posts popping up here and there, but the racing is a little slim for a bit. But certainly not long, I will detail my 09 plans here in the next week or so. Till then, Cheers.

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