Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Cross

I was cold today. A little wind blowing and cold temps and it felt down right Arctic out. The sun was shining in the 3/4 race and the course was developing a slimy layer on top that was mucking up their bikes. I quickly unloaded my fixed gear and put it in the pits. It was nice that the officials let us roll some laps while the 3/4 race was going on, that seems completely reasonable as long as we do everything we can to stay out of the way of racers on the course. That made me feel a little better towards USA Cycling whom I had just sent a $150 to renew my license, I was racking my brain trying to remember what they had done for me in 2008. Today's hero was Alex Edwards stepping up to the top race after a season combating at the lead of the 3/4's. Always a relief to see the young chargers leading the way. Only a handful of us were on the start line, but I was proud to be amongst the crew assembled. Off into the race and Mark Studnicki lead the charge,Shadd rounded him, I chased after Shadd, I hung on for the first half of the race before succumbing to cold and tiredness. As my bike was going south in the mud I grabbed my fixed gear for the final few laps, it was a good time and I was happy when it was over. One more race left in the season, that is kind of sad, cyclocross is allot of fun.

I get to spend the week in Morgan Hill, California at the Specialized headquarters becoming a certified Body Geometry Fit Technician. I am pretty stoked to learn the program and ride in some 60 degree weather that I see in the forecast. I have always been interested in bike fit after the first time I received a professional fit and felt the huge difference it made for me. I will give a full account upon my return.

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JB said...

Have fun in Morgan Hill...they treat you really well and the rides on and off road are spectacular!