Thursday, December 4, 2008

no news is good news

I have not had much to report on lately. Things have fallen into a routine of bundling up for cold rides and early mornings on frozen trails. With only cross nationals left in the race season it basically is over for me. I am looking forward to the adrenaline kick in the pants of taking off with the all star cast that will be assembled, and I do like all the climbing on the course, but unfortunately I am nowhere near (as in not on the same lap)as fast as these guys. So it kind of makes for that fun place to be in, where there is absolutely no pressure or expectations I am putting on my self and can just enjoy the event.

It is Thursday night, and that means late night adventures. I will be getting to test out my new Seca 700 race that I picked up from my Dad when I was home over Thanksgiving. I rode once in Great Bend with it and was quite impressed, I am looking forward to riding in rocks to see if it casts as clear of a light as I expect. It should come in handy in 2009.

I want to go back to Arkansas, see how happy I was there.

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LeLan Dains said...

Hey Cam,
Good luck at Nat's. Bobby and I will be there rootin' you on!