Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bust a 360

Back in my BMX riding daze I used to endlessly try and whip around lame little 360's but always ended up at best a little over 200 and wrecking havoc on my wheels. Today was my first full 360. 360 Racing is my new team, and I made my inaugural effort out on the Tuesday Tarmac. If success is judged by losing your peripheral vision and blowing up hardcore, than it was a raging success. My legs were missing a little pop early in the race and when Heduk made a huge effort I wasn't there to thank him. Later in the race the 360 mafia was upping the pace on the front keeping Tilford and the rest of the Heartland Racers under 10 seconds we could not keep the organization to reel in the last bit. It was a great time and I am looking forward to lots of fun, and LOTS of cross eyed agony in the years to come. Here's to tomorrow.


KEV said...

Are you racing Platte or St Joe? Will you be riding a new bike to go with the new outfit? SS Specialized? Hope to see you at St Joe.

caitlin said...

hows it going cam chamb???

porcelain artist said...

What we do?!?!?! Bust a 360! Or is it just a 180? Congrats to the both of you for making the best decision for the Chambers! Best of luck at the BS. By the way how is the porcelain on the south side of town? Porcelain Artist

Amber said...

Porcelain Artist,
The porcelain isn't so shining- no PA to take care of that. However, I purchased some half shoe insoles (like Yours, but not so personalized) at Gary Gribbles... Wonderful! Now all my cute shoes are comfortable as well.
Hope to see you at some races and such!