Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I love racin on Tuesday. It is a training crit but it is still a race no doubt. After missing last week and likely skipping the next Tuesday while recovering from Dirty Kanza I was eager to go hard last night. It was different mix of guys this week which kept it interesting. I sat in for a few laps, but soon enough made a dig with Tom P. We did not get far, but when we got caught I popped off the front trying to get someone to go with me, there were no takers that time. A lap later Phil Gronniger and I went on the move and that got every ones attention. In attendance was Phil Mann, two time collegiate national champ, he kept that pace high, and looked really strong. A five man break formed, 2 Phils, Myself, teammate David Heduk, and Trek's Fuzzy. We slowed down once we got away, but the attacks were hard inside the last 5 laps. Phil and Phil were the instigators. It was all I could do to chase. Heduk made a nice move in the final corner and got a gap but could not quite hold it to the line. I finished forth and Phil Mann won. Good stuff.

Time to sharpen up mentally for Saturday, 200 miles of bad roads, and likely poor weather. I am ready for it.


caitlin said...

just stopping by and giving your blog some JARZMO LOVE! hope you are doing good! and give amber a big hug for me! miss you guys! lets do dinner

Cameron C. said...

How about Monday Night?