Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am horrible at time trials. 6.2 miles as fast as I can is not very fast. The tailwind start had me frustrated spinning out my compact 50x11, but then I found out that really did not matter because I had no power into the wind anyway.

I thought it would be interesting to do a 10k on pavement this weekend, before 200 miles of dirt next weekend. I wish I was better at this short stuff rather than all day in saddle. Oh well.


TP said...

I feel your pain! I sucked in the TT this morning as well. At least you were on a road bike without any aero add ons. I had all the fancy TT stuff and I still sucked! Oh well, there's another one in a few weeks.

The World According to Zeke said...

Alas the bane of the slow twitch man, the short fast effort. I know it all to well, my sorriest efforts are usually the shortest. Keep the faith you could have pushed those gears all through the night and buried most any mortal.

Cameron C. said...

Thanks Zeke, I needed a smile, I was unfortunate enough to look at the results. Wow, pathetic. Landahl tomorrow Tom!