Monday, May 19, 2008

kcdirtbikeracing underway

This weekend was the reason I live here in Kansas City. The Heartland Race Series finally had a smile of a day and we all got to line up and take off. St. Joe was beautiful, Amber and I were goggle'y eyed driving through town past all the old mansions looking stately. The trails were smack dab in town, and a local singlespeed hitman informed me that St. Joe has 40 miles of singletrack in the city limits. I pre-road the course a lap and a half, It was all big ring singletrack even though it seemed a little tight at first. I was racing one of Bike Source's Stumpjumper FSR test bikes. I probably did not need 5 inch's of travel for the rockless course, but I was having a riot bombing through the little G-outs and catching air wherever possible. The crazy bike rides incredibly well and climbs amazingly for all that travel.

We had a great expert turnout, and it seemed everyone had fresh legs and good form. My main man Matt Brown took the hole shot and led for the first few miles. When we popped out into a feild I past Plummer and Matt and built a little lead. Steve Jarrett of Omaha was dangling behind me, and I probably had 10 or 15 seconds after the first lap. I had a failure to communicate with my hand up man and missed getting a bottle headed out for lap two. Quad cramps started twinging half way around, I was slowing down on the climbs trying not to have the legs fully seize. Steve caught me right as we were starting lap 3. I got a bottle and started nursing it down. It took a couple of miles for the cramps to subside, but then I started having fun again. It was to late to make a move up so I just rode and held of the other chasers. It was a fun day and it was great to be out in the dirt with all my friends. I can't wait for June 8th at Landahl, see ya then.

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One Eyed z said...

I gotta get back on my MTB... I have ridden it twice this year.